Exercise Helps You More Than Just Keep You In Shape

Benefits Of Exercise
Benefits Of Exercise
Benefits Of Exercise
Benefits Of Exercise

Exercising does a lot more for you than just helping you get into your summer body or look good for your best friend’s wedding next fall. Health and exercise go in tandem, and for the most part, is inseparable. However, like most people believe, there is whole lot more than you have to gain from exercising than just getting in shape.

We shall be going through some of the underlying benefits of exercise that are commonly missed out. Read on…

It Strengthens Your Joints And Bones

Exercise plays a vital role in helping you grow and maintain skeletal strength, and at the same time helps in increasing the strength of your muscles. By means of performing physical activities such as weight lifting, you can stimulate muscle and bone growth when this is paired with proper diet and intake of necessary proteins and nutrients.

Exercising releases certain hormones that promote the ability of your muscle to better absorb certain amino acids. This in turn helps in further growth and reduces the breakdown of the muscle and bone, as you age.

Further, exercising helps in build the bone density in your younger ages, and lowers the risk of osteoporosis later. It is noted that high-impact exercises such as soccer, basketball, running and gymnastics have been shown to promote more bone density than non-impact sports like aerobics and swimming.

By means of exercising, you are investing into the future and ensuring that you mitigate the risk of contracting age-related diseases and ailments later.

It Makes You Happy

Happiness can be assured to you if you exercise. Research has shown time and again that exercise has been shown to improve the mood and reduce the feelings of depression, anxiety and stress. It causes a minor positive shift in the part of the brain that regulates stress. Exercising helps in increasing the brain’s sensitivity towards certain hormones like norepinephrine and serotonin, both of which bring about feelings of happiness.

Exercise can help in the production of endorphins that also contribute to reduced perception of pain and increased positive feelings.

The Final Note

The obvious benefits of weight loss and being in better shape because of exercising can be added with lowering your risk to bone degradation and keeping your heart and the rest of the cardiovascular system at the top of its game. Starting off early does do the trick, but it is never too late. Hit the gym and sweat it out!